Special Thanks

We are in the midst of our sponsorship campaign. As we continue pushing forward, we want to take a moment to thank those who have already contributed. Your funding helps to keep our efforts to provide programs for young and old, Muslim and non-Muslim going. While at the same time, MSWA provides services to keep businesses going also. All involved the The Muslim Sports And Wellness Alliance initiative for community is a winner.

Thank you to: Cherry Hill Auto Care, Shell/Alliance Unlimited, Toarminas Pizza in Dearborn, Pizza Kitchen, Fadillah’s Adorable Gems, Wellscript LLC, TIMAC2 and M Global.

Our Future

As Salaam Alaikum,

To those individuals and businesses who have contributed to our campaign or have committed to doing so, we appreciate your willingness to support the efforts of the Muslim Sports And Wellness Alliance. We still have much ground to cover so please share this site and our mission with others in your family or community so that they too are familiar with the work being done.

As time progresses Insha Allah, you will begin to see many exciting features on this site that will spread our message of mental, physical and spiritual empowerment to all people. This is because we are all one brotherhood from the same Creator. Use the example of our smaller communities of family. We may not like what one of our relatives may be up to individually but we support them in the agreeable good for the group effort. Along that path we hope that our group support of that individual becomes a means of transforming that family member into a better person. What is in it for us is a stronger contributor for the cause of all that is good.

Just as in the example of family, so is our role within the community. It should not matter the geographical location or color of the skin that dictates if someone is part of your community or human family. Further Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said None of you are believers until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself. Our goal with that is to extend to our community locally and abroad that which is beneficial and what many of our youth may find inaccessible.

For that reason we ask that you give what you can as individuals and Insha Allah we will send out a small gift as a token of gratitude. If you are a business, we ask that you take advantage of the professional SEO and web design services that we are extending to you. SEO places your business on the first page of search engines when consumers are searching for products and services you have to offer, but don’t know your business. Please join us in our efforts. Thank you from the Muslim Sports And Wellness Alliance.

Donations can be made online or can be mailed to:

Muslim Sports And Wellness Alliance

3800 Greenfield Rd #1143

Dearborn, MI 48120